What Ashley’s clients are saying …

I have always been extremely nervous in interviews and in front of cameras, but your workshops gave me both knowledge and fortitude to continue on, all in the name of Christ. You gave me a strong foundation that will carry into my future studies and into my priesthood.

Timothy, seminarian

The media training workshops provided clear and practical advice on how to both prepare for and to engage in interactions with reporters. It was an extremely helpful training for learning how to effectively proclaim the Gospel through today’s media.

Fr. Anthony

As a student priest in training, this course presented the tools necessary to engage the modern world of media in building up the kingdom of God with our Gospel message. Ashley presents a fresh perspective from having worked in the world of media, to challenge her students on how to engage the media so as to be better prepared to share the Church’s message. I am glad to have taken the course and highly recommend it to all priests in training.

Jason, seminarian

St. Paul used every means he could to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So too must today’s priests. Ashley’s course prepares priests and future priests to share the Good News of our salvation with all of today’s technology by training us to engage the media, all the while learning the tricks of the trade. Through my participation in this course, I’ve gained the tools I need to be an effective communicator of the Gospel.

Joe, seminarian

This program gave me great insight into how the media works and how I might prepare effectively for a difficult interview. Ashley is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her field of work and obviously dedicated to the project of the new evangelization.

John, seminarian

I’d love to see your Media Training course as part of required seminary formation at every seminary.

Robert, seminarian

I found the course to be particularly useful and helpful, especially in two areas that I had never considered before: the first is the explicit and constant challenge to use any interview as a way to get out the Gospel and the second is to gain a proper understanding of what/who the journalist is.

Deacon Samuel

Your enthusiasm was contagious! It kept me interested and engaged in the material. Thanks so much for all of the work that you put into these sessions.

Fr. Michael

The Media Training for Priests course was fantastic, providing a concise and extremely effective vision for communicating the faith in a culture that is quick to dismiss us. The content is a far-reaching insight into the New Evangelization that I will be unpacking for years into the future.

Patrick, seminarian

Ashley gave very practical advice. She gave great insight into the way interviewers think and how the interviewee should approach the opportunity of an interview with the media to tell our story.

Fr. Daniel

Your enthusiasm was contagious! It kept me interested and engaged in the material. Thanks so much for all of the work that you put into sharing your professional experiences through these workshops.

Deacon Michael

Thank you for the wonderful course. I found it very helpful and relevant to dealing with contemporary issues and circumstances in the public arena.

Jason, seminarian

I found the training a great way to analyze both the theory and practice of engaging with broadcast media. It provided the possibility of both preparing and analyzing my own approach to media relations.

Michael, seminarian

I was able to engage the material through personal practice, receive feedback and this proved to be a beneficial tool that will be used not only in the media but in personal life.

Fr. Gabe

“Please come back and offer these workshops again so more people can benefit from them!

Lou, seminarian

It was densely packed with practical, fresh ideas about engaging the media. Also, it was applicable beyond just media interviews to homilies and everyday conversations.

Patrick, seminarian

I enjoyed all of the workshops! I found the perspective presented, ‘every media opportunity is an opportunity for you to get your message out’ to be very helpful. I liked the way that Ashley made the material really interesting and current.

Andy, seminarian